More than 3,000 people marched through the streets of Blackburn this afternoon in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Crowds waving flags and banners met at Blackburn Town Hall at 2pm on Saturday (October 28), to take part in a March for Palestine, which was organised by a local resident.

The throngs of people made their way peacefully from the town hall on to Barbara Castle Way, along Whalley New Road, Whalley Range, Victoria Street and then down Barbara Castle Way back towards the town hall.

The demonstration lasted nearly two hours as it made its way through the town with crowds growing as it turned on to Whalley Range.

Organisers said they were delighted with the numbers of people on the march, which showed the strength of feeling towards Gaza.

The march which was dubbed the 'largest march' in Lancashire's history, and was emphasised on a poster shared on social media as a 'peaceful protest', with organisers urging respect to members of the public.

Protestors were encouraged to bring their own flags and signs.

Lancashire Telegraph: March for Palestine in BlackburnMarch for Palestine in Blackburn (Image: NQ Staff)

The crowds make their past Larkhill

Lancashire Telegraph:

As the crowds made their way slowly through the streets, they began chanting 'one, two three, four, occupation not a war'.

The controversial chant 'from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free' could also be heard as the march made its way through the town.

Traffic was held and motorists were left queuing to get through the town centre, as they made way for those taking part in the march.

There was no trouble at the march, and people are believed to have left the town centre quietly and respectfully after it was over.

This was the second event of its kind to take place in the town following a peace rally which was held on Sunday, October 15, in which hundreds of people turned out, waving flags and displaying placards in protest, calling for an end to the Israel-Hamas conflict that has killed thousands.

There are growing calls for Israel to stop its bombardment of the Gaza strip, which has been in response to terror attacks by Hamas militants which killed hundreds of civilians in Israel. 

Israel has said the missile strikes are targeted at Hamas locations, but thousands of civilians have been killed in the blasts.