Plans have been submitted to the council for 50 new, high-quality, energy efficient homes.

Homebuilder Northstone, part of regeneration business Peel L&P, has submitted plans to Rossendale Council for new energy-efficient homes in Edenfield, alongside a package of public open space and car parking to alleviate issues in the north of the village.

The homes would comprise a mix of houses, bungalows and apartments with private or allocated parking and Northstone are ensuring the council that 30 per cent of the homes will be affordable.

Earlier this year, Northstone consulted on proposals for a new sustainable community of 50 new homes in Blackburn Road after the location was identified as a site for housing in Rossendale Council's Local Plan.

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In response to the consultation, the community indicated sustainability was important in any new development, with Northstone confirming any new homes would feature built-in technology and better insulation to help residents keep fuel bills down.

Following a close examination of feedback, Northstone has revisited some elements of the proposed residential development.

These changes include:

  •  The relocation of the proposed car park further north with a landscape buffer to accommodate residents' needs.
  •  In response to flooding issues in Burnley Road, Northstone commits to installing effective drainage systems in their proposed development for new homes, safeguarding properties, and improving resilience to heavy rainfall.
  •  Northstone incorporates a dedicated cycleway link to promote active transportation, reduce traffic congestion, and foster a healthier lifestyle while 'demonstrating its dedication to sustainable development and the well-being of the Edenfield community'.

Northstone has also proposed to improve pedestrian safety along Blackburn Road as well creating a car park with 34 spaces, and upgrading pick-up and drop-off facilities in the area, which it says will alleviate traffic and parking on Burnley Road, Blackburn Road, and Market Street, at peak hours.

As well as this, the homebuilder is proposing the creation of a nature-based play and recreation area with trails for local families to explore. This space will be conveniently accessible from the nearby primary school and the new car park.

Aaron Jackson, development manager at Northstone, said: "We believe that every community deserves to thrive sustainably, and our commitment to the well-being of Edenfield is at the heart of our vision.

“With our plans for new, energy-efficient homes, public open spaces, and car parking facilities, we are not only addressing the pressing need for housing but also creating a sustainable and vibrant community.

“By incorporating cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design, we aim to provide residents with homes that are both comfortable and environmentally responsible.”

Anyone wishing to comment on the plans can do so on the planning section of Rossendale Council's website.