There has been sadness in Burnley’s business community this week as the founder of a 60-year-old printing firm has died.

Peter Scott, who founded his eponymous Peter Scott Printers in 1960, died on Saturday, October 21, at the age of 89 following a short illness.

Using his de-mob money from his time in the military, Peter set up a printing press in his living room to start his business, before moving into a chapel and then into premises in Darnley Street, Burnley.

The business had to move again after a fire devastated its premises, taking up a new home in Billington Road.

Peter retired from the company in 1992, before returning briefly in 1998, and spent his retirement living in the coastal town of Banff in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

When the business marked its 55th anniversary in 2015, a special celebration meal was held with more than 30 employees in attendance, including Peter, and he was presented with a special bottle of whisky by the company directors.

He said at the time: "I cannot thank the current team enough for keeping the proud name of Peter Scott Printers flying high."

In 2020, Peter Scott Printers moved to its current premises on Heasandford Industrial Estate, where it is based in a £1 million factory, and is a lasting legacy for Peter as being one of the last remaining large lithographic printing firms in Burnley.

Murray Dawson, the company’s current owner, said: "We were still in touch with Peter and always wished him and his family well.

“Peter was the one who lent me £5,000 in 1991 to set up sister company Scott Dawson Advertising, hence the Scott.

“I have a lot of respect for him, and whilst saddened by his death still have fond memories of his phrase ‘nothing happens till someone sells something!'"