From trips abroad to second jobs and days at the races, East Lancashire's MPs have received thousands of pounds in payment, gifts and donations over the past five months.

According to the Register of Members' Financial Interests, published by the Houses of Parliament, five of the six MPs covering East Lancashire have declared extra payments on top of their £86,584 annual salary, donations, or gifts linked to their jobs as MPs.

MPs are required to declare payments, gifts or donations over a certain cash amount - more than £100 for extra work, more than £300 for gifts or trips abroad, more than £1,500 for donations, and also around property or land owned, shareholdings, and if they employ family members in their parliamentary staff.

Earlier this year we revealed how five of East Lancashire's six MPs had received work perks worth thousands, from a ski trip to Davos, tickets to the BRIT Awards, and donations to constituency parties.

Blackburn's Labour MP Kate Hollern was the only MP not to declare anything - this doesn't necessarily mean she hasn't received any gifts or donations, just that they haven't passed the value threshold.

Meanwhile her Conservative counterparts have declared thousands of pounds worth of gifts or support since the end of May.

This is what each MP has received since the beginning of June 2023, up to October 16.

Sir Jake Berry (Con) - Rossendale and Darwen

Lancashire Telegraph: Jake BerryJake Berry (Image: Parliament)

Sir Jake has continued his second job as a regular panellist for Talk TV during recent months, a job he has held since May 23, 2022.

He was paid £600 for hosting Jeremy Kyle Live on April 25, which took three hours and was registered on June 6.

On July 3 he registered £1,080 of payment from Talk TV for six hours work; £600 for hosting Jeremy Kyle Live on April 26, £360 for being a panellist on First Edition on June 6, and £120 for an interview on June 12's First Edition.

He was a panellist again on First Edition on June 27 and July 11, reciving £720 for four hours work, which was registered on July 26.

Then on September 28 he registered another £540 from Talk TV for again appearing on First Edition on September 5 and 11, a total of four hours work, for a grand total of £2,940 for 17 hours work.

He also accepted three donations to the Rossendale and Darwen Conservative Association; one worth £8,000 from the Portcullis Club to pay for a campaigns manager and declared on June 5, and a second on September 27 worth £15,000 from the Northern Campaign Group based in Bacup, and a third again from the Portcullis Club on October 10 of £6,000.

He also received a private donation of £20,000 from Anthony J Ford on July 11, and declared six days later. There were no details about who Anthony Ford is or why he gifted £20k to an MP.

Sara Britcliffe (Con) - Hyndburn

Lancashire Telegraph: Sara BritcliffeSara Britcliffe (Image: Parliament)

Miss Britcliffe's first declaration was a gift from the BBC of hospitality tickets to the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals worth £490 on May 9, which was declared on June 5.

She also accepted two donations to her local party in Hyndburn, the first declared on July 11 from Guy Stratford of £3,000, and the second declared on August 14 of £3,000 from Ben Leadsom.

Nigel Evans (Con) - Ribble Valley

Lancashire Telegraph: Nigel EvansNigel Evans (Image: Parliament)

The Deputy Speaker Mr Evans has enjoyed two free trips to the races and two trips abroad in the past five months.

His first freebie came from London City Airport Ltd, which gifted him two hospitality tickets to the Epsom Derby worth £1,340 on June 3, and was registered on June 15.

His second jaunt to the races was a gift from the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club - owned by the Gulf state's government.

Mr Evans received hospitality tickets, accommodation, and tickets to the ball at Goodwood Festival worth £770, which he registered on August 16.

After watching the ponies Mr Evans then had two free trips abroad, the first to Gibraltar, for an "MP visit for the National Day of Gibraltar" between September 8 and 10.

He received flights and travel worth £499, accommodation worth £380, and hospitality worth £200, for a total value of £1,079, for the three-day trip, paid for by HM Government of Gibraltar, and registered on September 18.

His second trip was paid for by Florida State University based in Tallahassee, and was from October 2 to 8 to the city.

There he spoke to students, toured the university and visited the state capital building.

The total value of the trip - flights, accommodation, ground transport and meals - was £9,756, and was registered on October 16.

Antony Higginbotham (Con) - Burnley

Lancashire Telegraph: Antony HigginbothamAntony Higginbotham (Image: Parliament)

Mr Higginbotham has had just one entry to the register since June, and this was a donation to his constituency party.

The donation, from Burnley-based Andrew Brown Leisure Ltd, which runs Crow Wood Leisure, was of £10,000, and declared on July 6.

Kate Hollern (Lab) - Blackburn

Lancashire Telegraph: Kate HollernKate Hollern (Image: Parliament)

Mrs Hollern received no payments, gifts or donations which passed the declaration threshold.

Andrew Stephenson (Con) - Pendle

Lancashire Telegraph: Andrew StephensonAndrew Stephenson (Image: Parliament)

Like his parliamentary neighbour in Burnley, Mr Stephenson's only declaration was a donation to his local Conservative organisation.

The donation came from the United and Cecil Club based in London, and was of £5,000, and was registered on September 15.

All declared financial interests of every MP is publicy viewable. For example, since the end of May, the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has declared £85,583.78 in gifted helicopter and air travel for himself and staff to and from events.

His opposite number, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, has received £57.99 in copyright payments from books he wrote before becoming an MP, four hospitality tickets to watch Coldplay in Manchester worth £698, a private box plus catering for four at Epsom Downs worth £3,716, hotel accommodation and breakfast for four people worth £937, three hospitality tickets worth £2,142 to watch his beloved Arsenal away at Crystal Palace, five hospitality tickets worth £800 to watch Swansea City vs AFC Bournemouth plus accommodation for four people worth £4,500 in Gower, near Swansea, and a trip to Canada to speak at the Montreal Global Progress Conference in September with a total value just shy of £1,500 for flights, hotel, and other transport.

Besides donations to the Liberal Democracts, all party leader Ed Davey has declared since June is two tickets from PRS for Music Ltd to attend Glastonbury Festival, plus accommodation, food and a shuttle bus, worth £2,462, and declared on June 28.