Local councillors have been called out over the ongoing bombing of Gaza.

Over the past week people have been venting their feelings towards their councillors – most notably their Labour councillors.

This followed, Sir Keir Starmer’s comments where he basically endorsed the bombing of Gaza during an interview on LBC. Labour members were asked to condemn the comments.

Keir Starmer has since sought to clarify his comments on LBC, stating: "I know this clip has caused concern in some Muslim communities so let me be clear. I was saying Israel has a right to self-defence, I was not saying Israel has the right to cut off water, fuel or medicines. On the contrary, I have been leading the charge calling for that humanitarian aid to come in for over a week."

This week, the pressure ramped up further and councillors who did resign were applauded for standing up for their principles. All very well.

I do think you should stand up for your principles and it was good to see someone like Tiger Patel making a point.

Some people may well disagree but he is still a celebrity of sorts and his actions did get noticed.

What I would find a little perplexing is that we tend to pick and choose what angers us. Palestine is an extremely emotive issue and rightly so.

It shows the hypocrisy of the British government and western nations who find it almost impossible to condemn both sides.

Yet, we do not appear to have made the same demands over the Saudi bombings of Yemen using British made weaponry.

We applaud the country, because let's face it they are custodians of the holy lands and anything else might just sound stupid..

But is it unfair to ask local councillors to make a stand on international issues of this nature?

The truth is, local councillors should be more concerned about our neighbourhoods and how they are run. That is essentially their job.

Why then do we feel the need to expect them to affect international relations and foreign affairs?

A lot of this happens because of our need to channel our anger and frustration at having little influence on the political system.

From how this ‘war’ has been reported to our reactions to killings.

The comments from many national politicians over the past two weeks has been quite predictable.

Was anyone really expecting anything else? Did we think we would have a government saying anything other than the standard response.

To put it simply it really is one rule for one and another for the Russians.

We know full well and it might sound awful, but the countries and nations will stand by and watch thousands butchered so that their strategic foreign policy aims can be realised.

This is not the first time this has happened in history and it won’t be last.

Should a local councillor really be expected to make a stand against this and will it honestly affect how many of us vote next time?