A YouTuber and TikTok star has travelled to a Blackburn fish and chip shop, to give one of the town’s “speciality dishes” a try.

Matthew Binge, star of Food Review Club, recently went to Holly Tree Fish and Chips to try a John Bull, a regional dish which consists of savoury mince meat that is sandwiched between two potato slices and a light crispy batter.

Matthew’s dish was served with scraps, delicious pieces of deep-fried batter left over in the fryer.

Matthew, whose food review account has 95,000 YouTube followers and 657,000 TikTok followers, described the delicacy as “deep fried chaos” but added that it tasted “like a dream”.

He rated the dish an eight out of 10 and recommended people travel to East Lancs to try the dish, which at the time of writing costs £2.80.

In the review he said: “This is apparently a delicacy in Blackburn. The shop is busy. I am excited for this and to experience this regional delicacy.”

After trying it Matthew said: “That is really good. The potato is super soft and very thin. The batter gives you this mad texture and then you have spiced meat.

“Couple that with the salt and vinegar on top – it’s a dream.

“Worth the three hour drive? I think it might be. We spent £100 on diesel to get here but it was only £2.80.

“I am pleasantly surprised. The quality of the meat is pretty good.

“This is a Blackburn specialty. Am I going to advise you to take the trip to try this? I think I am.”

Matthew warned that the dish was far from healthy and joked that your arteries “may explode”.

He said: “It’s deep fried chaos and every mouthful reduces your life expectancy by quite some time.

"But if you are going to go down, go down in a John Bull, fireball, kamikaze, of succulence.

“My expert tongue can tell the fish and chips are going to be good here just by [the scraps]. They are light and soft.”

“For £2.80 that is unmatched. It’s one of those very regional delicacies and I like it! This is what makes the world unique and brilliant.

“I can’t stop eating it.

“It looks kind of weird but it’s actually a wicked little meal and I highly recommend it. Love the fun and regional factor. The price point is [good].

“It’s a lethal snack; deadly in fact, your arteries may explode.”

A spokesperson for Holly Tree Chippy said: "We are really pleased that the humble John Bull is getting some acclaim from further afield.

“It's a quirky Blackburn phenomenon which few folk outside our town have ever heard of.

“If you've not tried one yet then come to the chippy.”

The video, which has been viewed by more than 28,000 people on YouTube, can be watched on the Food Review Club channel.