A large demonstration calling for peace will take place in Blackburn town centre.

The demonstration aims to highlight the siege of Gaza and the continued deaths in the region.

Crowds will gather in front of Blackburn Town Hall from 2.30pm on Sunday 15 October. A number of speakers are expected.

An organiser said: “We would like to invite everyone along to the rally for the sole purpose of showing our peaceful support of the Palestinians being slaughtered and innocent Israeli civilians being killed.”

A further demonstration is also taking place at Preston Flag Market in Preston city centre from 2.45pm on the same day.

A protest took place in Nelson town centre on Friday afternoon.

Palestinians have begun a mass exodus from northern Gaza ahead of an expected ground invasion. Already more than 6,000 bombs have been dropped on the area and thousands have been killed by the onslaught.

Israeli strikes have levelled entire city blocks, and Gaza has been sealed off from food, water and medical supplies — all under a virtual total power blackout.

The UN and aid groups have said such a rapid exodus would cause untold human suffering, with hospital patients and others unable to relocate.

In the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported 16 Palestinians were killed on Friday, bringing the total number of Palestinians killed there to 51. The UN says attacks by Israeli settlers have surged there since the Hamas assault.