A new bubble tea store serving food and drink originating from East Asian countries has opened in Blackburn.

Kairul Sulaimaan Choudhury, a software engineer, and Obaidullah Wahdati, a marketing consultant, both 22, opened Bubbles and Boba in King William Street, last month.

The business partners launched Bubbles and Boba in Leyland one year ago, and hope to continue expanding across Lancashire.

Lancashire Telegraph: Inside Bubbles and BobaInside Bubbles and Boba (Image: LT)

They said: “Our journey in Blackburn has been met with immense enthusiasm from the community. Even without our official marketing campaign in motion, the shop's contemporary and striking design has been a magnet for locals walking by.”

The pair were inspired to launch a bubble tea business after trying the Taiwanese drinks and Korean corndogs in London and were eager to bring that to Lancashire.

They added: “While bustling cities buzz with the latest culinary trends, we recognised a gap in accessibility for many. We felt inspired to introduce the authentic taste to Lancashire without the hefty price tag.

“Our Bubbles and Boba menu is a testament to our dedication, with more than 40 bubble drink choices that can be served with or without tea, as well as in coffee or slushie forms and even as vegan friendly alternatives, ensuring a flavourful experience for every palate.”

Kairul, from Leyland, and Obaidullah, from Preston, have both previously worked in Blackburn and feel invested in the community.

They said: “Our aim was to be within easy reach for every Blackburn resident, regardless of their neighbourhood. Although footfall wanes in the evenings, we're optimistic and recollections of Blackburn's vibrant past motivate us.

“We believe that by introducing innovative and exciting businesses like ours to this overlooked core of Blackburn, we can collectively breathe life back into its heart and restore its historic charm.”

In addition to bubble tea, the menu includes Korean corndogs, American hot dogs, ice cream and baked goods.

The owners added: “We're rolling out sensational promotions every few weeks, so Blackburn residents, keep your eyes peeled!”

Bubbles and Boba is open from 12pm to 9pm seven days a week and is also available to order from via JustEat and UberEats.