A little bit of Germany is coming to Manchester tomorrow.

The 10th anniversary Oktoberfest will be held at Platt Fields Park where a giant marquee will host up to 1,500 party lovers.

The full German beer festival experience begins tomorrow night from 5pm to 1ppm. There will be two more chances to sample authentic Bavarian entertainment on Saturday from 11am to 4.30pm and then from 5.30pm to 11pm.

Festival promoter Carsten Raun said: “This is out 10th year in Manchester and people always come and have a great time.

“We have had a tanker bring 20,000-litres of beer which has been specially brewed for us near Nuremberg and 3,000 genuine bratwurst have also bee brought over for the event.

“It’s a real party atmosphere and we have a live band, again coming from Germany, to create a great atmosphere.

“Many partygoers dress up which is wonderful but it’s not compulsory. Just come and have a great time.”

Tickets are available on the door. Details from www.manchester-oktoberfest.co.uk