A 21-year-old filmmaker from Ormskirk has spent the past three years preparing to release a comedy series on Amazon Prime.

With his group of young filmmakers, 'Some Guys With A Camera', Matthew Reynolds has produced an original six-part comedy drama series called 'Birchall's Pints', filmed in Ormskirk and Liverpool.

On Friday November 10, the show will be released and will present how the filmmakers were able to turn a comedic script they wrote in lockdown as teenagers, into a crowdfunded Amazon Prime miniseries. 

Director Matthew Reynolds said: “Birchall’s Pints encapsulates the camaraderie and communal spirit of what it’s like to make a project with such limited resources.

"With an ensemble cast of around 50 local talented actors, countless volunteers and an inspiring campaign behind it – people always say 'create the thing you want to see' and that’s exactly what we’ve done."

In 2021, Liverpool filmmakers Some Guys With A Camera (brothers Matthew and John Reynolds, Conor O’Neill and Ethan Campbell) set out to make a six-part comedy series about the ups and downs of a fictional craft brewery run by two brothers and their eccentric friends.

Some Guys With A Camera was founded in 2017 after Matthew and John Reynolds met Conor O’Neill at a filmmaking course run by Cottonfield Films at Plaza Community Cinema.

Since then, the friends have made various short films including 'Noel' and 'Blackbird', which were screened at the Plaza Cinema in Crosby, where it all began.

They also raised money for a homeless charity in Christmas 2021 by releasing a spoof comedy Christmas album, 'Conor’s Crooning Christmas.'

In 2020-2021, the COVID lockdowns put a halt to productions all around the world, so as a means to keep creating in lockdown, the group wrote a sixpart comedy series called Birchall’s Pints which was cast and rehearsed over Zoom.

The project had a successful crowdfunding campaign online which raised over £2,000 to cover the costs of locations, equipment, costumes and props and non-alcoholic beer. 

Between June and August 2021, the entire six episodes were shot over 19 days.