IT’S that time of the week when we celebrate some of the finest places to socialise with family and friends around East Lancashire.

We have journeyed a bit further to speak to the owners of a pub with a name which gives a nod to our history.

Name of the pub

The Pendle Witch

Address of the pub:

38 Whalley Road , Sabden, Clitheroe

Landlord/landlady name:

Jilly Fielding

How long have you been the landlord/landlady for?

7 months

Bar staff and their names:

Sofia Bibby , Paul Heathcote , Jane Moiro and Damian Fielding

Give us some history about the pub

The pub had been a great pub many years back and the hub of this unique village. However over the last five years it was neglected and run down sadly. It’s oozes character and many villagers love it so we took it on in February 23 and put the love back into it , bringing it back to life which involved eight weeks of hard work. Along with a team of workers including locals who volunteered we have cleaned , painted, plastered a, new bar, and basically restoring it back to how it should be. Many people love it because of the Pendle Witch history as it’s stood almost at the foot of Pendle Hill .

Is food served? Is so what’s on the menu?

No, food at the moment but plans are in place to serve pie and peas , hot pot etc from the bar then possibly a bistro next year in the redundant outbuilding, thus will make a perfect eatery .

Is there a beer garden


Do you have any darts/snooker/pool teams

We have a pool team

Most popular drink served is:

San Miguel, Fosters, White Rat, vodka and wine

Most memorable moment at the pub

Our opening night

Do you have an entertainment line-up?


Have you faced any challenges within the industry

Yes many , we have put our hearts and soul into this pub which has proved very costly financially and physically and emotionally

The best thing about running a pub is

The locals and customers that visit us from near and afar

The worst thing about running a pub is..

Long hours

The perfect hangover cure is...

Hare of the dog