A private special school with annual fees of almost £43,000 a year has retained its Good rating following an Ofsted inspection.

Moorlands View School, in Manchester Road, Dunnockshaw, is an independent special school for children with social, emotional and mental health needs and autism.

The 24-pupil capacity school, with annual fees of £36,504 to £42,797, was visited by Ofsted inspectors during the summer.

In their report, they said: “It is a nurturing and welcoming learning environment where pupils thrive.

“Pupils reported feeling safe and happy in this school, and they appreciate the care that staff show to them.

“Pupils trust the adults who work with them, and pupils, and their parents and carers, explained the positive difference that attending the school has made to them.

“Pupils are conscientious, focus on their learning well and achieve well.”

Speaking on the school’s leaders, inspectors said: “Leaders have devised an ambitious and well-organised curriculum from Key Stage 2 through to KS 4, which identifies the essential knowledge that pupils should learn. This supports pupils to learn well.

“Teachers are adept at delivering the curriculum. In many subjects, they use assessment strategies skilfully to identify gaps in pupils’ learning.

“Leaders have clear systems in place to ensure that they identify any additional needs that pupils may have. They tailor the support that they provide to meet pupils’ individual learning needs.”

Ofsted also praised the “love of reading the school has fostered” and its teaching, along with pupil attendance and attitudes towards school, and the school’s approach to addressing pupil behaviour.

Pupils get good future advice and opportunities to attend careers fairs, and meet apprenticeships whose footsteps they aspire to follow in.

Staff management to prioritise well-being and training alongside pupils’ learning was also highlighted as a strength, and safeguarding measures were noted to be effective.

To become outstanding, the school was told to ensure assessment in all subjects is properly developed and teachers have the tools they need to check pupil progress.