From back pain to rejuvenation and vitality, Amir and Haris Akhtar can help.

With modern life being so fast-paced and hectic, it can be easy to feel tired and rundown. Or perhaps you have back or joint pain that just won't go or you want to optimise your health

On hand to help with these common problems are brothers Amir and Haris Akhtar, who have worked together to co-found and develop two innovative health care services - My MSK Clinic and Vitamin Suite. 

These two clinics work in conjunction with each other to help rejuvenate the body.

Operating from welcoming and relaxed CQC-regulated premises in Burnley, My MSK Clinic is a back, joint and muscle specialist centre.

Lancashire Telegraph: Amir AkhtarAmir Akhtar (Image: MyMSK Clinic)

Meanwhile, Vitamin Suite offers specially formulated vitamin drips and injectable booster shots. 

Haris says there are many reasons why people come to him for drips and injections, such as wanting an energy boost, improved sleep, to rejuvenate skin and hair and accelerate recovery from intense exercise.  

They can also help the digestive and nervous system, brain function and general wellbeing.

A vitamin drip usually contains up to 10 vitamins and minerals, whereas the booster shots are single vitamins such as B12.

He said: “I got into drips and treatments because they reduce body inflammation. As GPs, we know that many chronic diseases have a strong inflammatory component.

“If we can offer something that reduces inflammation, it’s not only going to benefit people's health, it’s that motto ‘prevention is better than cure’. It’s a different type of medicine.

“Sometimes your immune system might not be working as efficiently as it should and can go into overdrive. Some inflammation is inevitable and can be good, but too much left unchecked can lead to chronic Inflammation where the body starts to attack itself.” 

Lancashire Telegraph: Haris AkhtarHaris Akhtar (Image: Vitamin Suite)

Chronic inflammation can lead to conditions such as autoimmune disorders, rheumatoid arthritis being a good example, and even heart disease and diabetes.  The drips help combat this inflammatory process and can aid your body against developing these conditions.

Haris added: “People’s diets can be quite restrictive. Life is getting faster. People can skip meals. They might not be getting enough sleep or the nutrients they need."

These types of treatments have been popular overseas in America and other countries for more than 20 years, particularly with professional athletes and famous faces. 

Haris, a GP for 10 years still practising in Burnley, said: "Vitamin C and an antioxidant called Glutathione are popular.

“They've been used by celebrities and high level athletes but now the general public are becoming more aware of it and it is more accessible than before. You might see it more frequently in the news, especially social media.

“It has anti-ageing properties and helps improve skin complexion."

There are also drips to aid weight loss, containing amino acids to boost the metabolic rate.

Haris said: “As you grow older, these treatments help optimise your health, have anti-ageing properties and help boost brain function and physical performance.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The clinic's main enteranceThe clinic's main enterance (Image: MyMSK Clinic)

In the coming weeks, Vitamin Suite will start offering testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), the male equivalent of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Haris said: “After the age of 30, a lot of males can find their testosterone levels can drop by one per cent a year. For some it’s even more, depending on their lifestyle. If someone smokes or has a processed diet and is sedentary, it could be even more.

“Currently there are not many options available to prevent this decline, which can also be termed the start of the male menopause.”

Testosterone deficiency can affect a person's mood, sleep, libido, mental and physical performance.

Haris said: “I’ve had patients come in who have been told they're depressed, on anti-depressants, but they don’t feel any better.

“But they might be deficient in testosterone, B vitamins or essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc.” 

Lancashire Telegraph:

He added: “We are coming to the winter now and vitamin D levels are going to naturally plummet.”

The treatments range in price. Booster shots such as B12 cost £30 and are recommended on a regular basis which the Vitamin Suite can advise on.

A metabolic booster costs £40 per shot. There are a number of other shots also available at similar prices.

Drips start at £120. The Myers Cocktail, a popular vitamin drip with a mixture of vitamins and minerals, costs £150.

Over on the musculoskeletal side of the operation, My MSK Clinic is a pain and regeneration clinic for back, muscles and joint problems.

After completing a degree in sports science and medicine, Amir practised as a GP for 10 years and then trained at the London College of Osteopathic Medicine to develop his understanding of the human body and joint function. This enhanced his palpatory skills and combined with ultrasound scanning, allows him to offer a unique diagnostic and treatment service.

He said: "I was always fascinated by the human body, pain and sports medicine.

“Some of the things we inject are there to strengthen and regenerate joints and tendons, rather than just giving a pain-killing shot like cortisone.

“We do give cortisone for pain relief but we also offer treatments which have a regenerating effect on the joints."

These include platelet-rich plasma (PRP), where a patient's own blood is used to promote the repair and healing of ligaments, tendons and joints.

PRP at My MSK Clinic costs £300, compared to much more in private hospitals.

Amir said: “It’s about trying to regenerate and prolong the life of the joint and tendons as in many cases, they have the potential to regenerate. If the joint or injury isn’t treated, it can lead to permanent disability, pain and of loss of function.

“At that stage, the choice is often invasive surgery or in some cases, joint replacement. 

“What we’re trying to do is save people having surgery. And we’re finding in a high proportion of patients, you can delay or even save surgery in certain joints.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

“We are one of the few clinics in the UK, who are offering Arthrosamid joint implants, an implant previously used in racing horses with lame joints. We have links with the manufacturers in Denmark and perform this injection quite frequently.”

Another treatment is hyaluronic acid injections, used in knee and hip osteoarthritis when other methods to control the pain have not worked. Hyaluronic acid is a gel lubrication in joints which has shown benefit in slowing down mild to moderate osteoarthritis and progression to end stage osteoarthritis requiring surgery.

Amir said: "We are only one of two independent clinics that do back injections in the North West/Lancashire region.

“We get people of different ages visiting the clinic. Younger patients when they have sustained a muscle or tendon injury during sporting activity or work.

“We offer Prolotherapy for patients with hyper-mobility, people who are in pain and find they are struggling to access pain or MSK services on the NHS. Often, they want a second opinion.

“Middle-aged people who are trying to get fit. When you first take up a sport after a long lay off and suddenly increase the training load, you’re more prone to injury because your muscles and tendons have not had the time to adapt to this load. 

"We often see joint and tendon problems which we can help with in this group of patients.

“In some patients, arthritis starts at that age. Late 30 and early 40s, subtle signs of it can cause pain. That’s probably an ideal time to catch people because you can really prolong that joint at that stage."

Chronic back and neck pain, slipped discs, trapped nerves and sciatica are other painful conditions Amir can help with, using ultrasound guided injections.

He says some clients, who have spinal injections for severe debilitating sciatica, have seen the pain ease in a matter of days. 

Patients are also given rehab advice and exercises to prevent the pain from returning.

The pair have long been into sports and wellness and believe in the age-old mantra that prevention is better than cure and are keen to welcome anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

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