A retired GP and army doctor from Great Harwood has celebrated his incredible 74th wedding anniversary a week after marking his 100th birthday.

Dr Herbert Sloan, who set up the Peel House Medical Centre in Accrington, celebrated his milestone birthday with his family on September 7, and then at his local pub on September 8.

Herbert was born in Belfast in 1923 before his family moved to Carrickfergus two years later, where his future wife Maybeth Dubois was born and raised.

In 1936, he studied at Royal Belfast Academical Institution, and became head of the school in his final year, and then studied at Queen’s University Belfast Medical School between 1942 and 1947.

As a teenager, he had a large group of friends who were all part of Carrickfergus Sailing Club which is when he and Maybeth started to grow close.

It wasn't until he was 20 when he "started courting Maybeth."

Lancashire Telegraph: Carrickfergus Sailing Club and Herbert and Maybeth on their wedding dayCarrickfergus Sailing Club and Herbert and Maybeth on their wedding day (Image: LT)

In 1949, they got married and have been inseparable ever since, with the couple celebrating their 74th anniversary yesterday (September 21).

That same year, Herbert and Maybeth moved to Accrington where he got a job as a GP assistant and lived above the GP.

Herbert said: “Maybeth and I are happy to be dependent on each other and capable of living in our present home for over 43 years.

“We’ve had an exciting life and travelled the world. We used on enjoy going on holidays where we would have fun.

"We’ve been to states across America, and China, New Zealand, Egypt, and more. We’ve shared some wonderful memories together.”

Two years later, in 1951, Herbert was called for National Service in Holland and Germany so Maybeth was able to join and “enjoyed her time as an army wife”.

He said: “We were stationed for six months in Cologne before going to Holland.

"It was very unusual to be able to bring family with you but doctors were very valued so she could.

“We got a locum to look after my part of the GP in Accrington. I dealt with thousands of men and looked after every member of the force that came through.

“We played a lot of golf in Cologne at the local club which we joined and made a lot of friends in Holland. We kept in touch with a lot of them.

During their time in the Netherlands, their oldest son Richard, 70, was born in The Hague. They then moved back to Accrington where Herbert joined for service in the Territorial Army.

Herbert and Maybeth had their second son, Robin, 68, two years later. After 12 years Herbert retired with the rank of Major.

In the late 60s, Herbert joined with three doctors to found and build one of the first medical group practices in the area – Peel House Medical Centre in Avenue Parade, Accrington, before retiring in 1985.

He said: “My job was demanding and my life was all work – 24/6, for 365 days of the year. I would work out of hours and overtime which is very different to how it is now. It was very hard at times but we were a very happy practice.”

Reminiscing on his adventure-packed life filled with lots of golf and cultural holidays, Herbert said it’s his family that is the biggest highlight. Their oldest son Richard followed in his dad’s footsteps and became a medical consultant.

Their youngest son Robin, who lives in Kentucky with his wife and two daughters, was an RAF pilot before flying with United Parcel Services in the USA.

Herbert said: “Robin decided at the age of four that he wanted to become a pilot and got his private pilot’s licence before he could drive a car.”Lancashire Telegraph: Herbert and Maybeth at The Swan with Two NecksHerbert and Maybeth at The Swan with Two Necks (Image: LT)

Richard and Robin came to Great Harwood to celebrate Herbert’s 100th birthday last week.

On September 8, Steve and Christine Dilworth, owners of The Swan with Two Necks, planned a surprise birthday party for Herbert.

Christine said: “On Friday we celebrated the 100th birthday of long serving customer and friend of the Swan with Two Necks, Dr Herbie Sloan.

“He came for a meal with his lovely wife Maybeth and family, had his usual pint of White Rat and got a round of applause on his exit.

“Thank you for the continued support of the pub and we wish you all the best with your birthday celebrations.”