An old house could be turned into an Ofsted approved children’s home under new plans.

Ataka Anis, of care company Devoted Guardians, has applied to Rossendale Council to change the use of North Point in Burnley Road, near Bacup, into a children’s care home for up to three children with additional needs.

The application, which was submitted earlier this week states the home would be supported 24 hours a day by trained support staff.

Children using the home would be between the ages of eight and 17, with three bedrooms created for residents and one staff bedroom.  

A planning statement reads: “There will be a maximum of three children staying in the property at any one time with three members of staff present at most times, occasionally just two overnight.

“The aim is to accommodate mainly long-term placements (years, rather than months), but occasional short-term placements may be required.   

“The care provision would be 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“They will live in the house and will contribute to the running of the household.

“Staff will prepare and eat meals with the children much as a normal family might.

“The children will attend school and take day trips/attend activities in the same way a typical family would go on outings and attend extra-circular activities.

“It is not considered that this would be significantly different from a normal family home.

“It is envisaged that there will be regular visits to the children by social workers and by family and friends, again this will not be dissimilar to a typical dwellinghouse use, with this occurring on an ad hoc basis.

“It is not considered that this would be over and above what would normally be expected for the number of visitors to a normal family home.  

“There will be limited vehicle movements associated with the proposals, just staff arrivals and departures and movements associated with the children attending school.

“These movements will be the same in frequency as those associated with the residential use of the property with residents leaving for work/school/college.

“There is plenty of space within the site for multiple vehicles to park, and these spaces will remain unchanged. There are no physical changes to be made to the building, land and trees surrounding.”

Devoted Guardians say it strives to provide a home environment that is loving, healthy, happy and safe from harm, where children can develop, thrive and fulfil their potential.

Anyone who wants to comment on the application can do so via Rossendale Council’s website.