The new series of a Sky comedy show, that was filmed in Bacup, is set to air this month.

Brassic series five is set to return to our screens on September 28. Sky Max and NOW customers are able to stream the episodes now.

Based on the ‘true-life’ misadventures of three-time BAFTA nominated lead actor and co-creator Joe Gilgun, the critically acclaimed Brassic has a signature blend of high comedy and emotional authenticity.

Co-created by writer Danny Brocklehurst the series regular cast includes: Michelle Keegan, Dominic West, Tom Hanson, Aaron Heffernan, Ryan Sampson, Parth Thakerar, Bronagh Gallagher, Joanna Higson and Steve Evets

Fans can watch out for surprise new cast members and unexpected cameo appearances in the new series – one of which is rumoured to be Blackburn’s Lee Mack who was spotted filming some scenes in Manchester last year.

Lancashire Telegraph: Michelle Keegan (left) with Lee Mack (right) in a behind the scenes picture from Brassic filming Michelle Keegan (left) with Lee Mack (right) in a behind the scenes picture from Brassic filming (Image: Instagram/@michkeegan)

Some new pictures of the series have been released, as well as a new behind the scenes Sky Zero short.

It features everyone’s favourite grouch, Farmer Jim (Steve Evets), core gang members Cardi (Tom Hanson) and Erin (Michelle Keegan), as well as Jim’s nemesis and neighbour Shirley Paslowski (Archie Kelly).

The short sees Jim rattled by the presence of Sky Zero sustainability consultants who have taken to the set to ensure that Brassic is one of the greenest productions being made today. 

Bacup doubles as the backdrop to the series, the fictional town of Hawley, and the cast have been spotted filming in the town on several occasions over the last few months.

Cast and crew have been filming for the fifth season in Bacup, and other north west areas, since last September.

In February Sky confirmed that filming had finished. A Sky producer has confirmed that filming for season six has already started.

Film crews descended on 1832 Barista coffee shop, in St James Street, in January.

Filming took place both inside and outside the shop.

Lancashire Telegraph: Brassic season fiveBrassic season five (Image: Sky)

The new season is set to take off from the dramatic events of the series four finale.

Vinnie (played by Chorley’s Joe Gilgun) and the gang face big repercussions from their entanglements with the dangerous McDonagh brothers and powerful drug buyer Manolito.

With both criminal big-wigs now on his case, Vinnie needs to negotiate his exit strategy – and fast.

But there is a lot on his mind, especially as he’s still trying to figure out what is going on between him and Erin. Can they ever actually be together, and does she really want to share this unhinged and dangerous life with him?

David Livingstone, executive producer for Brassic said: “Who can believe it? Series five.

“The only way to go on is to be more audacious and more ambitious than ever. Nobody is resting on their laurels. Five will be our best yet. It’s classic Brassic.”