In most jobs, it is customary to have an annual review or appraisal.

With all the publicity last week to mark the first anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth II it got me wondering when King Charles III will have his workplace review - and what will the conclusions be?

You remember Charles don’t you? He was the perennial prince, always good for an opening or two, had a thing for talking to trees apparently and sells some nice produce from his estates.

Now thrust on to the big stage after a lifetime of waiting - he’s 74 - while not wishing to appear ageist, you do wonder if it’s all come a bit too late.

So far he’s appeared on some new stamps and 50 pences bearing his portrait have become instant collectables.

That apart - to borrow an idea from Monty Python - what has King Charles ever done for us?

You would have thought that after having had so long to prepare for the role he would have come roaring out of the blocks, bursting with new ideas and ways of re-energising the monarchy and engaging with different communities and age groups.

But it’s all been rather quiet. Sure he might be doing things behind the scenes - and he’s had a few family issues to deal with - but I for one was expecting more. He seems to have had much more impact as the Prince of Wales than as monarch.