The owners and staff of the popular Instagram-famous Finch Bakery were left ‘shaken up’ after a burglar broke into the store.

The incident happened on Saturday  (September 9) at around 9.30pm at the Great Harwood store in Queen Street, where a burglar stole money from the tills.

This is the first time Finch Bakery, owned by sisters Rachel Finch and Lauren Sinclair, has been broken into or been the target of any crime.

Lancashire Telegraph: Finch Bakery twins Lauren Sinclair and Rachel FinchFinch Bakery twins Lauren Sinclair and Rachel Finch (Image: NQ)

Rachel said: “It was my Sunday staff who first saw we’d been broken into the morning after it happened.

"Nothing in the shop had been disturbed except for the tills which had been crowbarred open.

“We didn’t leave much money in there so thankfully it wasn’t a significant amount that was stolen but there’s damage to the door and the lock.

“We’ve never experienced anything like this, and it’s really shaken us up. There’s been a few attempts of break ins at some of the businesses on the street but it’s a quiet are, we never expected this, after seven and a half years in Great Harwood with no trouble at all.

“I don’t know if it was a targeted burglary and the person had been watching us cash up our tills or if it was random but it’s worrying.

"We’ve got two residents above us who were out at the time it happened so obviously they’re scared now.”

Rachel looked at the CCTV footage and says a man broke into the shop’s back door at around 9.30pm and waited approximately 15 minutes before entering.

The footage shows a person, wearing black clothes and gloves, was in the store for around three minutes.

The owners have sent the images and reported the incident to the police. This is the second Hyndburn business that has reported being burgled last week.

Café Ri-An in Accrington was also broken into two days before the Finch Bakery burglary.

Lancashire Police and Overton ward councillors have been approached for comment.