A Lancashire grandad died after suffering a cardiac arrest and a man mysteriously lost his ability to speak in this week’s episode of Ambulance, which was filmed in Lancashire.

On Thursday’s episode (September 7), which was described as “emotional” by viewers, paramedics came to Clitheroe and other parts of the county.

A man who lost his speech and another who died of a cardiac arrest featured on the show.

A woman who gave birth in a car in Preston also appeared on the episode.

While on the weekend night shift the team were called to Clitheroe where a 43-year-old man was struggling to speak.

At the time, it was thought that he had a stroke

On the phone to emergency services his wife said: “My husband is struggling to get words out and speak. He just can’t get the words out.

“We were just eating tea and watching TV as normal. Dan started to tell me something and he struggled to get a word out.”

While in the ambulance Dan complained of a “short stabbing pain” in his head.

Despite spending six days in hospital the cause of his head pain is still unknown and is still suffering from speech loss.

Lancashire Telegraph: Dan on BBC's Ambulance after losing his ability to speakDan on BBC's Ambulance after losing his ability to speak (Image: BBC)

On the episode it said: “Dan spent six days in hospital to establish the cause of his sudden speech loss. So far tests are still inconclusive.

“Daniel is hopeful his speech will return some day.”

A man on the episode, called William, died after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The 75-year-old complained that he couldn’t breathe and his family said he turned blue. CPR had to be administered until paramedics could arrive.

His wife of 54 years said: “He’s been on end for life for a while. He was giving me earache today and he was on form

“The nurse was out today and said everything was fine. We got in bed and he just said ‘I can’t breathe I can’t catch my breath’

“By the time we came back [with oxygen] he had gone blue.”

Jane, a paramedic who attended the call and also knew the family, said: “I do know the family and it is quite hard hitting really that you just know that one day you are going to come into contact with people.

“Then all of a sudden you’re in somebody’s house trying to save somebody’s life.

“There are a lot of things you see in the ambulance service that the public would never see.

“We go into people’s houses and sometimes in the midst of grief and we are the ones they are looking at.

“Just by being there and showing you care is a massive help [for them] I think.”

Another shocking moment in the show is when a woman, Miriama, gave birth in a car in Preston.

On the show it said: “After being checked over at hospital baby Liliana returned home to her family.

“Her parents won’t forget that car journey in a hurry.”