Plans to demolish a school building and replace it with a new state of the art education facility have been given the green light.

Tilbury Douglas Construction Limited, on behalf of the Department for Education, lodged an application with Rossendale Council in March in respect of All Saints RC Language College on Haslingden Road, Rawtenstall.

The proposals are part of the Government’s Capital Projects programme to deliver 50 new or refurbished schools each year for the next 10 years.

All Saints RC High School was identified as one of the first 50 after an initial condition survey of the existing buildings found that major repairs or replacement were required in the immediate future.

The plans, approved by the council earlier this week, will see the demolition of the existing school, replacing it with a new building which will be three and two storeys high. The existing sports hall will be retained.

Lancashire Telegraph: What All Saints College will look likeWhat All Saints College will look like (Image: Rossendale Council)

The school must remain operational during the construction period and therefore the new development will avoid the existing buildings.

Following the completion of the new school building and facilities, demolition of the relevant existing buildings will be carried out.

A new car park will be located to the north of the site, with the existing playing fields to the south remaining untouched.

A design and access statement read: “The proposed building will have a strong visual presence with a welcoming main entrance.

“The main hall will be located at the northeast end of the building, accessible both to the school and the wider community.

"Classrooms will face northwest and southeast and will be directly surrounded by hard and soft informal spaces.

“We will enhance biodiversity by providing locally sourced native flowering shrubs, planting areas of wildflower and native tree species within the grounds.

"There are 12 existing trees which are to be removed and replaced with 36 new trees.

“Further enhancement measures will include the provision of bird, bat, and invertebrate boxes as appropriate, and ensuring permeability for hedgehogs at the bases of perimeter fencing.”

Level one of the new building will be home to 10 general teaching and two music classrooms as well as the main staff room, dining hall and main hall.

Located on the top floor will be the science department, some additional general teaching classrooms and the SEN zone.

The library will also be found on that floor just off the main stair core.

There are also some additional staff spaces, alongside a hygiene suite and a ICT Hub room.

Additional car parking spaces will be provided and the facilities will enable an extra 25 pupils to attend the school.

Access to the school from Haslingden Road will remain unchanged.

The design statement goes on: “The proposed school building will result in significant improvements to the building fabric.

"This will provide an enhanced learning environment for pupils, but will also result in energy efficiencies, reducing costs and carbon emissions resulting from the school’s operation.

“As a result of the proposals, new and improved sports facilities will be provided. This includes a new multi-use games area, including tennis courts, and a new long-jump track and pit.

"Improvements will also be made to the quality of the surface across the playing fields, including the grass pitches which are laid out.”

No objections were raised in relation to the plans.