The mountain rescue team said a person was lucky to not have damaged a major blood vessel after falling from a tractor and suffering injuries.

At 9.20pm on Monday (September 4), Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue Team were called by North West Ambulance Service to Nelson.

A person had slipped while exiting a tractor in a field near Coldwell Reservoirs and had a serious deep cut on their thigh.

The person was given immediate care by the mountain rescue team and paramedics from the ambulance service.

A spokesperson for the mountain rescue team said: “The casualty was reported to have suffered a deep laceration to their thigh and the team were contacted with concerns of access issues to get medical attention to the casualty.

“Our team volunteers made their way both to our Burnley base to collect response vehicles, as well as some heading directly to the scene.

“Two of our team members arrived first on scene to find the casualty had been transported back to the road in a quad trailer and were able to provide some immediate medical attention, before very shortly thereafter being joined by the NWAS crew.

“The laceration was very deep was likely very lucky to have missed femoral blood vessels.

"The casualty was assisted by the crew into the back of the ambulance and remaining team members and vehicles that were on route to the incident were stood down.

“The casualty was assessed by the crew before being transferred onto hospital for further medical attention. We wish them a speedy recovery.”