One of East Lancashire's most highly respected business support organisations has a new leader and a new direction.

Community & Business Partners CIC (CBP), a not-for-profit with a unique focus on delivering community impact, has appointed Jaydee Davis as its managing director.

Jaydee said: “I’m excited to build on our long-standing and successful history, as we take CBP in a new direction from a predominantly funded model to a more commercial one.

“We still see funded projects as important to what we do but by expanding our commercial model, we will ensure that not only will we have a more sustainable future, but we will be able to offer even more for our businesses and the community alike.

“The good news is that this approach is already working. We’re developing new opportunities like the business membership scheme we launched last year. This has just hit 50 members and continues to grow weekly."

Under Jaydee’s leadership CBP will sharpen its focus on delivering four specific areas of social impact — business, community, environment and skills. 

Jaydee, who will celebrate 10 years at CBP in next year, joined as operations manager and has been working as operations director since 2020.

CBP has a network of 150 industry experts meaning it can offer some of the most comprehensive Business Support services in the UK. It reinvests its profits back into the community.

Jaydee added: “We are also working internally to bring the community and business elements closer which will enable us to further own our identity and explain our unique story to the business community.

"The work we’ve done over the past few years means that we are clearer about who we are, what we do and how we can help businesses.

“Fundamentally, it means we will be more commercial in our outlook. Some people think that’s a dirty word for a third sector organisation but we don’t because it will allow us to deliver more for the people, communities and businesses that need our support.

“And there’s no doubt following on from Covid people need us more than ever. We’re now facing a huge cost of living crisis which is hurting people and businesses alike.”

The community focus is carried out through the work at SAMS @ Community & Business Partners, which rescues manufactured materials which would otherwise head to landfill and takes in surplus food from local suppliers to families in need. 

CPB was the only Community Interest Company (at the time) to be a Legacy Endorsing Body for the Home Office’s Tier 1 Innovator and Start-Up Visa Programme, supporting oversees entrepreneurs to the UK. 

It has also won a number of accolades, including Top Team at the North West Employer Engagement Awards 2021, the Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the Red Rose Awards 2021.