Paramedics based in Blackburn and Burnley are set to feature in the new series of BBC show Ambulance.

A series producer told the Lancashire Telegraph that several episodes of the series were filmed in East Lancashire, with frontline staff tackling real-life emergencies.

One episode features crews in Blackburn and Preston and another features crews in Burnley and Blackpool.

It is not yet know when these specific episodes are set to air.

The 11th series, which kicked off at the end of August, follows ambulance staff during a time of historic uncertainty for the NHS, as it faces unprecedented levels of demand on the service, rising waiting lists and a workforce battling for pay rises to counter the national cost of living crisis. 

Ambulance takes viewers direct to the beating heart of the NHS and reveals the struggles being faced up and down our country today as seen by the people witnessing life and death up close on the frontline.

Each episode captures in forensic detail and in real-time the shifts of the call-handlers and ambulance dispatchers, as they must make difficult life and death decisions on who should get help and who must wait, in the highly pressurised environment of the control room.

Cameras follow the crews as they race to save lives on the ground, witnessing the treatment patients receive and giving them space to tell the real story of the emergencies they experience; focussing on both the life affirming highs and the regrettable lows encountered by the ambulance service.  

Ambulance offers a revelatory 360-degree portrait of North West Ambulance Service’s efforts to respond within minutes to emergency calls each day from across a diverse region which spans more than 5,400 square miles.

Each episode sets out to reveal the human side of the ambulance service staff as they strive to treat the 7.5 million people of Greater Manchester, Lancashire and beyond.

Filmed in 2023, as the NHS experiences some of the most severe pressures in its 75-year history, the ambulance service grapples with the pressure of rising call volumes, managing the consequences of record hospital delays and the backlog of nearly 7.5million people on NHS waiting lists across the country, while still striving to deliver the very best care to the people of the region. 

This is the story behind the sirens. 

A woman from Lancaster featured in the first episode. An ambulance was called after an 89-year-old woman collapsed at church, injuring her shoulder.

A spokesperson for Burnley Council said: "The BBC was in town earlier this year filming a local emergency crew as part of its Ambulance series.

"The series looks at the work of the emergency services across the north west and Burnley will feature at some point - but not in the first episode so if you're interested you'll have to keep watching!

"We like the dramatic shot taken in Sandygate Square, with the Weavers' Triangle in the background, that's being used to promote the series."

You can watch Ambulance on BBC iPlayer. It airs Thursdays at 9pm.