A serial criminal who previously breached his sex offender's notification requirements on multiple occasions has been handed a jail sentence by a judge.

Paedophile Ashley Barratt was convicted in July at Blackburn Magistrates’ Court after he failed to tell the police where he was staying following his release from prison.

Preston Crown Court heard how on his release Barratt was provided with an address in Great Harwood.

However, he failed to register the address with the police, who were eventually informed he had been evicted and the locks changed when he failed to attend an initial meeting with the letting agency.

In 2013, Barratt was convicted of possessing indecent images of children, and in 2021 he was convicted again of making and distributing images and handed a sexual harm prevention order until 2028 and told to sign the sex offender’s register.

Lancashire Telegraph: Ashley Barratt Ashley Barratt (Image: Lancs Police)

It was heard that Barratt, 34, has an “extremely poor” compliance record with his notification requirements and had last signed the register in 2019.

He was jailed in January 2022 for again failing to comply with his notification requirements and upon his release in July was due to attend the police station to provide them with his address but failed to do so.

Police attended the property in Great Harwood and found Barratt inside and he was arrested.

Barratt, formerly of Highfield House Bail Hostel, Lydia Street, Accrington, but now of no fixed abode, has 70 convictions for 129 offences, 25 of which relate to indecent images and breaches of orders.

In mitigation, Bob Elias said Barratt did not engage with the probation service or the police, but to his credit, his most recent offending was only the breaches and was not a re-offending of previous behaviour related to his sexual interest in children.

He said: “He doesn’t fit into the prison and probation service model, and I would ask if his sentence can be deferred so he can prove he can comply with these requirements.”

Recorder Michael Maher said: “These were deliberate acts, as you failed to comply.

“There’s no mitigation that I can see.”

Barratt pleaded guilty to failing to comply with notification requirements and was jailed for 12 months.