Organisers of a tent pegging and kabaddi festival have ‘apologised’ after drivers could not access or leave the venue in the evening.

The mela (festival) was held at Pleasington Playing Fields on Sunday and attracted thousands of people from across the country.

As part of the tent pegging festivities, dozens of vehicles and trailers carrying horses were in attendance at the car park throughout the day.

Many left early evening, as crowds headed into the playing fields to watch the Kabaddi.

However when one vehicle with a horse trailer was leaving, it broke down close to the entrance to Pleasington. Drivers got out of their vehicles to help.

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It led to a line of traffic in both directions just after 6.30pm.

A spokesperson for the Mela event said: “We have learned there were delays for people getting out in the evening as the Kabaddi event had began.

“We apologise for the delay to drivers as people attempted to help the stricken trailer.”

There were also concerns about the clean up following the event.

Organisers revealed on Monday volunteers were dispatched to the site to check for any litter and spent time clearing the site themselves.

The spokesperson said:  “As organisers, we were mindful of such potential issues and took the appropriate steps to mitigate the litter.

“Much like many other large music events that take place at Witton Park and Pleasington we work to ensure that we keep the area clean as the event is taking place.

“On the day, we had large bins dotted around extensively and paid for litter pickers who worked tirelessly throughout the day.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“Next year, we will be more mindful of this and will try to ensure such issues do not arise.”