An Evri driver sent a photograph to a woman of her parcel "flying through the air" into another person's garden before marking it as delivered.

At least two residents in Oldham have now been sent photographs by the delivery company, formerly known as Hermes, of their parcels being launched and thrown 'at speed'.

Caroline Mottram received one such image, sent by the driver as proof of delivery, of her package soaring through the air.

The image appears to show the package being thrown over a back garden fence before landing in a neighbouring garden.

Ms Mottram said the parcel didn't land in her garden and was baffled to see the item had been classed by the company as 'delivered'.

Writing on Facebook, Ms Mottram said: "Evri delivered my parcel at this property last night at 8.30pm.

"Anyone know who lives there as they haven't brought the parcel to the address on it."

Others commented that it appears the parcel had been "thrown in the air" and could've potentially landed on a shed.

Some also found the image hilarious, writing: "Delivery driver chucked it in the air to get a banging photo for the delivery."

But reacting to the post was another neighbour, Harriet Gibson, who also lives in the Moorside area who said her parcel faced a similar fate.

Ms Gibson wrote: "Oh my god, must be the same guy who delivered mine the other day!"

Lancashire Telegraph: Another delivery notice showed a parcel whizzing through the airAnother delivery notice showed a parcel whizzing through the air (Image: Facebook/Harriet Gibson)

She shared a photograph of her package seemingly whizzing through the air at speed before hitting her door.

The resident confirmed to The Oldham Times that it at least landed at the right address and wasn't damaged.

Evri, which rebranded from Hermes in March last year, apologised about Ms Mottram's experience and admitted its standard of delivery "fell below our expectations" on that occasion.

The company stressed it has an average star rating of 4.67 out of five this year by customers.

A spokesperson continued: “Our ambition is that every customer’s experience with Evri is a positive one and we have been in touch with Caroline Mottram to apologise and offered a gesture of goodwill, this standard of this delivery falls below our expectations.

"Our couriers are working incredibly hard to safely deliver more than 2.5 million parcels a day, with 99 per cent delivered successfully. 

"The overwhelming majority of our couriers are highly regarded by customers with an average star rating of 4.67 out of 5 this year.”