An electricity storage site could be built on farmland on an East Lancs hilltop connecting to an existing pylon, if plans are approved.

But some people think alternative sites should be found for new energy facilities, such as Lomeshaye Industrial Estate near Nelson and the M65.

Moor Isles Energy Storage is seeking planning permission from Pendle Council for a battery storage facility and infrastructure on land west of Greenhead Lane at Reedley. The field is north of Spurn Clough Cottage.

The Reedley application says liquid cooled energy storage system battery units and facilities are proposed.

Details include plans for a 2.4 metre palisade fence, a 3.5 metre acoustic fence in an olive green colour, a security gate and a floodlight column. Also suggested are switchgear and power conversion equipment,  a spare parts container and vehicle access.

Trees, hedges and an earth mound are also planned. Nature, heritage and geology studies have been done, along with an archaeology report.

But the application has also prompted some concerns and many comments from the public.

Jackie Heap, from Fence, said: “There are quite a lot of people against this because it sits right in the countryside and its also quite close to some homes. There is also a house which used to be called Greenhead Manor nearby.

“Its a lovely rural location on the edge of Pendle and Burnley. People are not opposed to new energy developments but it’s totally the wrong place for something like this. It would be madness to put it there.

“It would be better-suited to somewhere like Lomeshaye, where there’s an industrial and business park. There’s another pylon located lower down in the valley, near the sewage works That could be a better location for an energy site?

“I understand the need for new energy, like battery storage and solar panels. But technology is getting better and smaller all the time.

“Solar panels are now fitted onto house roofs, which is good. In future, solar panels will probably be incorporated with roof tiles. Mobile phones are now much smaller than when they first came out. They used to be the size of bricks. So other types of technology will probably get smaller too.”

She also has concerns about the visual impact of proposed sound and security fences at the site.

Mrs Heap added: “The Greenhead Lane area is beautiful and the Pendle countryside has lots of history including the Pendle Witches. I think more could be done to promote the area’s history and countryside."

Natural England, the government-linked body, has said it has no objections to the Reedley plan.