An application to build the last of four holiday cottages has been rejected by the council after changes to the previous application were deemed to be too different.

Curtis Johnstone has built three cottages in Longsight Road, Langho, for guests to use when visiting the area and had previously had an agreement with the council around the development of the final one.

However, changes submitted to the Ribble Valley Borough Council's planning department and concerns being raised by two parish councils means the plans will ultimately not come to light.

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The changes to the proposal would have seen the house have a more characterful design to blend in better with the other cottages.

Billington & Langho Parish Council were concerned about noise disturbances from existing plots on the site.

They made a request for a condition to be put in requiring a notice to be displayed showing contact details for the landlord of the properties, to provide affected residents with a way to report noise disturbances.

Wilpshire Parish Council, meanwhile, had concerns about the visual impact of the site and the usage of hot tubs on the proposed site.

They, too, requested display of contact details to report noise disturbances.

In a decision notice, the council said: “The changes sought to the originally approved development would amount to a development that would be substantially different from the development approved under [the previous] planning application and as such would not fall within the realm of a minor material amendment.

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“Furthermore, the changes proposed would result in the introduction of an incongruous and unsympathetic form of development that would be harmful to the visual amenities of the area.

“The proposal does not comprise sustainable development and there were no such amendments to the scheme, or conditions that could reasonably have been imposed, which could have made the development acceptable. It was therefore not possible to approve the application.”

The plans were refused on August 15.