A kind businessman has been thanked for installing a defibrillator in a community park in a Ribble Valley town.

The crucial life-saving device has been installed at Calderstones Park in Whalley by the managing director of Clitheroe-based electrical contractor company, Forest Electrical.

On a mission to raise awareness about the importance of having defibrillators accessible to the public, Chris Alcock made the generous gesture to install the vital piece of equipment free of charge.

Its placement in the heart of Calderstones Park will ensure quick access to emergency care, potentially saving lives and will serve as a critical asset to Calderstones Park and its visitors, offering immediate medical assistance in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Chris said: “We are thrilled to install this defibrillator at Calderstones Park, contributing to a safer environment for everyone who visits and lives in this beautiful space.

"Our hope is that this life-saving device will act as a safeguard and make a positive impact on the community.”

He added that the defibrillator's installation at Calderstones Park is an “excellent example of public-private cooperation” and has expressed gratitude to the local community group for “their collaboration in making this life-saving initiative a reality.”

By installing defibrillator without charge, Forest Electrical aims to empower the local community to respond promptly to cardiac emergencies, potentially increasing survival rates and fostering a heart-safe environment.

Responding to the kind gesture, Whalley resident Donna Parkinson said: “As a community, we was so thankful to Chris at Forest Electrical for offering to fit out community defibrillator without charge, this was a true act of kindness.

“Following this install, I personally got Chris and his team to install an EV charger at my home and this was carried out professionally, promptly and for a reasonable cost.”

Forest Electrical was founded in 2018 and has provided electrical installation services to thousands of homes and businesses throughout Lancashire.