A man attacked his brother-in-law because of a family dispute.

Blackburn magistrates heard Neil Lenders repeatedly punched and kicked the victim after going to his home to confront him.

The court was told a pre-sentence report had been prepared but since it was completed Lenders, who appeared in court in a wheelchair, had suffered two cardiac arrests and was no longer suitable for recommendations made in the report.

Lenders, 51, of Park Street, Barrowford, admitted to assault and criminal damage. He was given a two-year conditional discharge with £200 compensation.

Susheela Regala, prosecuting, said there had been an issue between the two men because Lenders thought his daughter was being bullied by one of the other man’s children.

“He went round and was very aggressive,” said Miss Regala. “He was swearing and screaming and then punched and kicked the aggrieved about a dozen times.”

She said the victim suffered a cut above his eye and had two lumps on the back of his head.

Sardar Asghar, defending, said: “Since (his) report was prepared he has suffered two serious cardiac arrests,” said Mr Asghar.

“I wouldn’t normally ask for a conditional discharge in a case like this but the circumstances are different.”

District Judge Alexandra Preston said the facts of the assault didn’t reflect well on Lenders.

“It is clear there was a family dispute going on and you let your emotions cloud your judgement,” she added.