Police officers in Rossendale have seized two off-road bikes and reported riders for road traffic offences as they continue to tackle their illegal use.

Officers also seized a van that was using false number plates to avoid insurance and another vehicle as the driver had no MOT or license as part of Operation Dragster.

The police were out along with their colleagues from the Special Constabulary and Greater Manchester Police yesterday (Saturday, August 12) as they continued their fight to tackle the use of off-road motorbikes using moorland and public roads.

It is illegal to ride on moorlands and common land, and to ride on public roads without the correct documentation, license, and insurance.

A police spokesperson said: "We have taken some positive action after seizing these two bikes. Both riders have been reported for road traffic offences after being driven on the road illegally.

"Whilst focussing on vans coming into Rossendale which are used to transport these illegal bikes, officers have stopped a van.

"Turns out the driver was using false number plates to avoid insurance, so it was seized under s.165 Road Traffic Act and reported to the court.

"Finally, this vehicle passed us whilst travelling to our hotspot locations which was showing no MOT.

"Unbelievably, we dealt with this driver for the same thing four months ago, and was still showing as having no license.

"Vehicle seized and driver reported for these motoring offences."