Neighbours in Waterfoot want the council to remove or trim a tree that has apparently been causing problems for more than two decades.

Wendy Robinson, of St Anne’s Crescent in Waterfoot, has lived in her home for more than 20 years and says it’s been 10 years since the council trimmed the tree.

The tree, which is around 40ft tall, is blocking the light from coming into three homes, she says, as well as preventing Wendy from parking outside her house due to ‘large branches dropping in bad weather'.

Wendy’s next door neighbour, Kirsty Hargreaves, who has lived in St Anne’s Crescent for about seven years, says she suffers with anxiety and the overgrown tree intensifies her anxiety.

Kirsty said: “I have panic attacks anyway, so when it's raining and windy outside I’m always thinking the tree is going to fall down, because the branches do fall off and smack the window when it’s windy.

“The bad weather also makes my path really slippery because it's at a slope already, so the branches and leaves make that green slime on the path.

"I’ve recently dislocated my knee so that’s a safety hazard.

“I have two children so we’re worried about them getting hurt.

"My cat recently got stuck up the tree and the fire service had to come out and rescue her because she couldn’t get down.”

Wendy spoke to the fire crews when Cherry the cat was trapped in the tree on July 9, and asked how much the rescue was costing the fire service.

Wendy said: “If the tree was removed then that wouldn’t have happened. The firefighter added it up in front of me and said around £2,000.

"Kirsty was quoted £700 for someone to chop the tree down a few years ago but she couldn’t afford that herself.

“The council say it’s not their responsibility to maintain the tree but if the tree was trimmed or removed, it would’ve saved them money.

"The tree is too big to maintain ourselves and too expensive to chop down.”

Another concern of Wendy’s is whether the tree’s roots are growing under her home.

She added: “My partner and I want to purchase this home eventually but we don’t know where the roots are. If they’re under our home then that will cause some damage.”

Despite the growing worries, Wendy says the residents have given up asking the council because they’re told it isn’t the council’s responsibility.

Rossendale Borough Council has been approached for comment.