A nurse from Burnley says a campaign lead by an inspirational woman, who died this year after a battling brain cancer, saved her life.

Claudia Laird, 26, said she is thankful for and inspired by the fundraising efforts of the late Laura Nuttall and her family.

Laura, from Barrowford, died in May after battling a highly invasive type of brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme since 2018.

Despite her illness, Laura and her family put all of their efforts into spreading awareness and fundraiser. Laura’s family even donated her brain to further cancer research.

Before Claudia was diagnosed in January last year her mum attended a fundraiser. At the event Laura's family distributed cards, shedding light on the symptoms of brain tumours.

Claudia said these card “ignited a spark” within the family, after Claudia had been misdiagnosed with a stomach infection, with symptoms including sickness, fatigue, confusion and memory loss.

Lancashire Telegraph: Claudia Laird after brain surgeryClaudia Laird after brain surgery (Image: Claudia Laird)

The former Read Primary School pupil said: “Subconsciously, those cards ignited a spark within my mum compelling her to fight even harder for my health.

“Instead of accepting the initial misdiagnosis of a stomach infection she advocated for a deeper investigation into the neurological aspect of my symptoms.

“[Eventually] we were able to discover the truth about my condition.

“Laura's family's compassion and dedication unintentionally became a catalyst for our journey towards the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

“Their actions have had a profound impact on our lives, and we are forever grateful for their part in our story."

Had she been diagnosed any later Claudia says she may not be here today.

She said: “When I was diagnosed with the tumour on January 20 last year I had an emergency 10 hour surgery to save my life.

“Due to the size and movement of the tumour [if the surgery had been a few days later] the results could have been catastrophic - to the point I may not be writing this today."

Claudia never met Laura in person but appreciates all of the work and campaigning she did while she was alive.

She said: “Though I never had the privilege of meeting Laura, her impact on my mum and our family has been profound.

“We wholeheartedly supported her campaign and were inspired by all the fundraising efforts she poured into working with the brain tumour charity to raise awareness for those affected.

“The cards she distributed, outlining the symptoms for both children and adults, were a testament to her dedication.

“They actively support research initiatives, striving to find better treatments and potential cures.

Lancashire Telegraph: Laura Nuttall (left) with mum Nicola (right)Laura Nuttall (left) with mum Nicola (right) (Image: NQ)

“At the same time, they work diligently to improve early detection and diagnosis rates  - advocating for quicker access to medical care for those displaying symptoms.

“Laura's commitment to making a difference was truly remarkable."

Claudia wants to continue Laura’s legacy and has also been campaigning and raising awareness for brain tumours.

Claudia, who works at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, said: “I believe it's our duty to carry forward Laura's legacy and continue her mission in any way we can.

“Raising awareness, supporting research, and promoting quicker diagnoses for people with brain tumours are crucial steps towards making a difference.

“My social media platform has become a powerful tool for me to raise awareness and funds.

"Through heartfelt posts about my personal journey and sharing vital information on symptoms, I strive to make a positive impact on others' lives.

“Since my diagnosis, I've organised numerous charity walks and fundraising events, ranging from festivals to parties.

“The charity walks have been particularly meaningful, symbolising our determination to keep moving forward in the face of challenges.

“We also arranged a captivating raffle with incredible prizes including Manchester United tickets and overnight stays.

“I'm truly grateful for the support and participation of all those who have joined me on this journey.

“Together, we are making strides towards raising awareness, supporting research, and bringing hope to those battling similar challenges."