A Blackburn company says they are ‘right up to speed’ having installed new high-speed broadband across their site.

Navson Paper said they had been struggling with broadband issues at their Dixon Street factory and turned to 6G Internet.

Sonar Kanal, from Navsons said: “Speed availability was a big issue we faced; Sky was only offering us a 40 mbps connection which isn’t enough. 

“We also suffered some big communication issues as our address is via a postcode and isn’t listed as a building. It took Sky three weeks to figure out the issue as the computer had said no and wouldn’t register the address.”

While encountering a similar problem, 6G Internet sent an engineer to visit the site to see they could fix the problem.

They found the Wi-Fi router had been placed in the office away from machines.

6G Internet installed two mesh systems and seven routers to cover the full building.

The modern technology said the company is used to give a ‘more accurate and extended signal reach’ ensuring full Wi-Fi coverage around the facility. 

Navson produce a range of paper products which are shipped out across the country. The 40mpbs speed was also not fast enough for heavy duty machinery to carry out regular updates and run properly.

6G Internet installed a 200mpbs connection to boost performance updates and run machinery. 

Sonar said: “I chose 6G Internet due to its locality.

“Speed is key we are now getting 200mpbs which we weren’t offered before and that high speed with the mesh system allows us to operate these big pieces of machines more efficiently. 

“We also have a VPN which means our manager is able to log into the machines and fix any technical errors on machines without needing to be in the building. This internet helps run the machines not just the office which is a big part of the job.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Business area manager at 6G Internet, Adam Gardener, said: “Local communication helped massively as any issued where fixed quickly, we had one issue last week and an engineer was here within 20 minutes and sorted it. 

“Being local you where able to see us quickly and come out and see the building when it didn’t register on your systems and the process was faster by us seeing faces to the 6Ginternet name.”