Revelations following a Freedom of Information request that boozing MPs have spent £500,000 on alcohol in the 2022/23 financial year including 2,800 bottles of bubbly would suggest that there is a serious hidden drinking culture within the Palace of Westminster.

In addition to the Champagne, 46,562 beers and 24,519 bottles of wine were consumed within the same period.

We must remember these drinks for our elected members are competitively priced, subsidised by the taxpayer in what would appear to be a drink-fuelled political playground unique to British politics.

Whilst other professions with equally high levels of stress and unsociable working hours discourage drinking during working hours some of the eight watering holes are open during voting sessions which could possibly impair decision making.

Finally I am reminded of the final call from a Commons barman at the end of a very long thirsty night, “Time Gentlemen please. Have you no second homes to go to?”

Jim Oldcorn