Weapons that look like they were taken straight out of Lord of the Rings (fantasy adventure film series based on J.R.R. Tolkien books) have been seized by police.

The weapons were handed to a local community group, before being passed on to Leyland Police.

Police believe they were part of someone’s display.

It is not the first time display and historic weapons have been given over to police.

A police spokesperson said: “Rest assured we have not been filming the latest installation of The Lord of The Rings here in Leyland, these were all handed in to a local community group to pass on to ourselves to destroy.

“It is concerning that these could have been out in the public, however it's more likely they were part of someone's display.

“We often get display weapons handed in and some historic knives such as WW2 bayonets. If you have anything like this in the house and not sure how best to get rid of them, please get in touch via 101 or online.”