Two motorists, including a car salesman, have been reported after they were allegedly caught by police using their mobile phones.

The first, a car salesman and driver of a 4x4, was according to police seen by officers chatting away on his handheld device in the Nelson area on Saturday. 

He was stopped by police and issued with a TOR (traffic offence report), which will ultimately lead to six points on his licence and a fine.

A spokesperson for the police said: "The driver of this 4x4 was seen happily chatting away on his mobile phone in Nelson by HO41.

"They were stopped and issued with a TOR which will lead to six penalty points and a £200 fine.

"As a local car salesman, they should know better and there is simply no excuse."

The second was a biker, who was seen by officers as they were leaving the scene of a crash in Brierfield.

The young rider decided to get his phone out and start using it, while still riding, and in full view of the police, according to the force.

The spokesperson added: "Just as HO41 was finishing at the scene of a road traffic collision in the centre of Brierfield, this young rider decided to get his phone out and start using it….whilst still riding.

"Sadly he now faces having his licence revoked, having to retake his tests, and a massive increase to his insurance.

"Please be safe on the roads."