A Blackburn family say they have been left heartbroken after two prized dogs were stolen overnight.

The American Bullies, named Tyson and Chanelle, were stolen in the middle of the night (Tuesday July 25) from an address on Notre Dame Gardens.

Zubair Iqbal said thanks to an appeal earlier today Tyson has been recovered but pregnant Chanelle is still missing. 

He said: “It appears to have happened overnight, at around 2am.

“On the camera you can see someone checking cars at first and then he approaches the gate.

“He then takes the dogs.

Zubair said: “We have been really worried and put out an appeal on Facebook.

“Thanks to the people of Blackburn, within minutes, someone said they had seen that type of dog at Asda.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Zubair said he hurried over and was reunited with Tyson.

He said: “We found Tyson which is the brown dog but are still looking for Chanelle, the grey one (above).”

Lancashire Telegraph:

A doorbell CCTV image of a man who was seen close to the house

The American bullies are said to be worth around £4,000 each and the family has had them for more than a year. Chanelle is 18 months of age.

Zubair said he contacted the police but says he was told there was nothing they could do.

Zubair added: “We have been worried and it is heart breaking to know she is out there.

“Chanelle is pregnant and we are concerned for her welfare. We really hope to find her soon and would ask anyone to call us directly if they spot her.

“It is upsetting that someone would put anyone through this.”

Anyone with information can call: 07474 101333.

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