Lancashire County Council has said there are “no clear speeding issues which would justify further action” on a “hazardous” road close to where a pensioner died following a car crash last week.

Residents in Whitworth have been raising concerns with the county council about speeding in the village, in particular Tonacliffe Road, Market Street and Oakenshaw Avenue, for months.

They claim that around six months ago an elderly gentleman was hit by a car, and more recently a car crashed into a nursery, a car hit a bus stop, and another car hit a tree.

And following the incident on Market Street on July 11, in which a woman died after being hit by a Fiat Fiorina as she was crossing the road, people living in the area are desperate for action.

One resident said among the many driving offences he sees being committed regularly in the area, the most dangerous by far are the “excessive speeders, especially over the junction with Oakenshaw Avenue”.

He said: “Tonacliffe Road is a narrow two-lane road, accumulating at a peak/hill with a primary school at the top.

“Some homeowners park on the road reducing the road to one lane in various locations.

“With cars parked along the road during normal hours, this then becomes saturated and congested at school times.

“There are numerous driving offences committed, parking on kerbs, driving on kerbs, illegal dirt bikes and quads, driving on the wrong side of the road etc. However, the most dangerous offences by far are the excessive speeders, especially over the junction with Oakenshaw Avenue.

“There is no regard for other road users or pedestrians, this includes horses, dog walkers, children. The speeding is particularly bad when being used as a rat run/short cut when Market Street is backed up due to lights.  

“I would estimate normal speeds are 30 to 40mph (in a 20mph zone) with the worst offenders reaching 60+ mph, which is magnified by the fact they do not stop or even slow down for the give way junction.

“The combination of a narrow road with parked cars, a children's school and excessive speeds increases the likelihood of a fatal accident.”

The resident said he has asked the county council to review the safety of the road, which has a 20mph limit, and its hazards, with the aim of introducing more traffic calming measures.

He added: “It’s only a matter of time before more fatalities occur, and this is a real threat to the public’s welfare.

“The council need to reconsider traffic calming measures for the village, review hazardous parking on corners, and most importantly reduce the excessive speeds, to keep the people of Whitworth safe on and around the roads.”

However, Lancashire County Council say there are no clear issues, but encourage people to report speeding to the police.

Peter Bell, regulation and enforcement manager at Lancashire County Council's highways and transport department, said: "We are aware of a small number of complaints at this location on Tonacliffe Road from residents.

“However, our casualty and speed data show no clear speeding issues which would justify further action, following recordings of average speed and speed surveys carried out near to the junction with Oakenshaw Avenue last November, with the average speed showing as 20mph. 

"We do, however, accept that with any average speed report there will be some inconsiderate drivers that far exceed the posted speed limit. Anyone who believes they have witnessed regular incidents of nuisance or dangerous driving can contact police via the non-emergency telephone number: 101, or on the Lancashire Constabulary 'Do It Online' webpage, with a record of the registration numbers of the vehicles.

"They can also send footage directly to the police through Operation SNAP, which is a police initiative in response to rising submissions of video and photographic evidence from members of the public in relation to alleged witnessed driving offences. There is more information available at the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership website."