A café based in Accrington has partnered with a local food bank – with the hopes to help people in need during the cost-of-living crisis.

Two Sisters Café and Bistro, in Warner Street, has partnered with ACT Foodbank based at St. James Church to support those in need at the same time as giving back to customers.

On the first Tuesday of each month, the café will be giving customers 10 per cent off their food bill if they bring a donation of food with them to donate to the food bank.

The community initiative has been launched as a way for the café to give back to the local community after all the support they have received since opening.

Barnfield Councillor, Mike Booth, helped Two Sisters Cafe and Bistro get in touch with ACT Foodbank and the project began from there.

Speaking about the initiative, Denisa Neamu, owner of the family run business, said: “I was thinking about the fact that everybody is struggling.

"I grew up thinking it is very nice to help people and not expect anything in return, and I thought this would be the best option to help the community at the same time as getting customers involved as well.

“In the background we are doing things in our personal lives in terms of fundraising, but I thought it would be a lot better if we involved everyone and do it as a big project.

“So, the project will involve people bringing in a donation, anything they can afford, or they want to donate, and I will knock 10 per cent off their bill on the first Tuesday of each month.

“Because customers are coming in anyway to eat, this allows them to get involved as well and I am helping everyone who donates in return with a discount.

“So far it has been better than I expected it to be, we have had about three boxes full of donations and I am really impressed. Everybody has been getting involved.

“The food bank has said how happy they are with this project; they were very impressed and very happy with the amount of donations.

“People are more than welcome to bring donations into the café when they want to but on the first Tuesday of each month, they can also get a discount.

“I’ve already had one customer come in with donations and they didn’t want a discount on their food, they said they didn’t want any discount, they wanted to help people in need, and I was just over the moon.

“Since Covid it has been hard for everyone and we have struggled as well but the amount of people that supported us; coming in saying good things or just coming in for a coffee to support us, I didn’t expect in the first year to be this big, customers gave me the feeling that this is a massive success, so I said because of this I wanted to give back and help people in need as well.”

For those who would like to donate they can drop items off at Two Sisters Café and Bistro.

The discount on the food bill will only apply on the first Tuesday of every month, but donations are welcome at any time.

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