Local people were left feeling furious after a children’s play area in Sabden was covered in paint.

Play facilities, including a slide and rock bear, were covered in the paint at the Lower Holme park in the village.

Since the pictures were posted earlier this month, local people who regularly use the facilities have expressed outrage at the mindless vandalism which rendered the play area unusable.

The woman who posted the pictures, who does not want to be named, said: “This is going to take a huge cleanup. Anyone missing some purple paint?”

Another person said: “Oh my goodness this is awful.”

“That’s just awful,” said a third. “Who would do such a thing?”

Another said: “Let’s be honest anyone who has had that paint in their house will know about it.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Slide covered in purple paint at Sabden parkSlide covered in purple paint at Sabden park (Image: Anonymous)

A fifth person said: “This is awful vandalism. I hope the culprit can be found.”

Another said: “This is terrible. Utter morons. Very brazen in broad daylight though.

There’s no way whoever did that hasn’t got paint on them they will be easy to find.”

The purple paint has since been cleaned up by a kind hearted volunteer, meaning children and families can now resume using the facility.

Councillor for the Sabden ward, Ricky Newmark, said he was “upset and disgusted” to see the vandalism.

He said: “I was as upset and disgusted as all the residents that saw this meaningless vandalism and just before the school holidays.

“The parish council are responsible for the maintenance and inspection of the playground and they do a fantastic job, and just recently the slide had benefitted from new matting underneath and the paintwork re-done.

“The fact that this vandalism was carried out in daylight, possibly in the afternoon, hopefully means someone saw the culprit.

“Thanks go to one man who has worked tirelessly to remove the purple paint.”