A 'remorseless' man who was jailed for 15 years for stabbing a student eight times over a remark about a skateboard could see his manslaughter sentence extended.

The case of Shiloh Pottinger, 20, has been referred to the Attorney General’s Office under the Unduly Lenient Sentence Scheme, after he was jailed in June for killing Luke O’Connor.

Pottinger, of Wilpshire but who was living as a student in Manchester at the time, was found not guilty of Luke's murder at a trial in May, however a jury did find him guilty of manslaughter.

Pottinger was described as a bully who carried knives to feel empowered by a judge, who said he stabbed 'gentle giant' Luke O'Connor after feeling humiliated.

Pottinger claimed he had been going for a takeaway in the early hours of October 26, 2022, when he had taken a flick knife out with him.

As he walked down Wilmslow Road around 2am, he encountered Luke and his friends, who were on their way home from a party.

Lancashire Telegraph: Luke O'ConnorLuke O'Connor (Image: Police)

One of Luke's friends made a comment about a skateboard Pottinger was carrying, which he didn't take lightly to, and challenged the group.

The court heard how Luke stepped in to intervene and it was at this point Pottinger pulled the knife out of his pocket, before hitting Luke with the skateboard.

It was heard Luke laughed at Pottinger and pushed him away before the then 19-year-old stabbed him eight times with the knife.

Pottinger's defence was that Luke made him do the act, as he and his friends had been goading him about the skateboard, which humiliated him.

Recorder Dean KC rejected Pottinger's version of events, and said he did not believe the music student had mistakenly picked up the flick knife, saying he was carrying it as a "fashion accessory".

The judge ruled he must serve at least 10 years of his 15 year sentence before being considered for release.

In sentencing, Recorder Nicholas Dean KC said: "Luke's parents, who described him as kind, a gentle giant, with a heart of gold.

"As is to be expected, the effect of Luke's death has been profound. Luke's family are broken, distraught, and will never fully heal. They will learn to live again but only because Luke would want them to.

"Luke stood up to bullies. He stood up to you.

"As Luke's mother said, there is one person responsible for Luke's death that night - that person is you Shiloh Pottinger.

"You have taken no responsibility and shown no remorse, any remorse is for yourself only.

"You said you carried a knife for empowerment, a more mature 19-year-old would not have done that.

"You attacked Luke because he laughed at you and humiliated you.

"Your interests in knives, your actions on October 25 and 26 and your actions after indicate a degree of immaturity.”

Now, the Attorney General’s Office will consider Pottinger’s case following a referral from a member of the public.

It will consider if there are grounds to refer the case to the Court of Appeal for being unduly lenient.

If it is referred, judges at the top court in the land may hear the case and then make a judgment; either agreeing it is unduly lenient and extending the sentence, disagreeing and leaving the sentence the same, or they may even refuse to hear the case at all.

If it is referred, there is no guarantee Pottinger’s sentence will be extended.