The owner of a Mastiff dog which mauled a 60 year old woman, leaving her with life-changing injuries, has been made subject to a suspended prison sentence.

In a hearing at Blackburn Magistrates' Court, District Judge Alexandra Preston said she had suspended the sentence having considered the fact Ashiya Hussain was the sole carer for her five children.

However she said she had also taken into account Hussain walked away from the stricken woman, Donna Ormerod without speaking to her, pleaded not guilty and forced the victim to give evidence at trial.

Hussain also still refuses to accept responsibility and said she planned to appeal against conviction.

"You have shown no empathy whatsoever with the victim," said District Judge Preston.

"She felt intense pain and felt like she was going to die. She must have been terrified.

"You then walked off with your dog. You didn't even ask how she was."

District Judge Preston said Donna Ormerod had undergone gruelling medical treatment, including skin grafts, and had been left with a limp and a fear of dogs.

"The victim will live with the consequences of this attack, probably for the rest of her life," she said.

"You continue to want the dog returned to your home, an attitude I find extraordinary given that you could not control it on this occasion.

"That you want it returned to the home you share with your five children causes me enormous concern. I am also concerned about your ownership of another mastiff."

Hussain, 33, of Railway Grove, Blackburn, was convicted after trial of being the owner of a bully kuta mastiff that was dangerously out of control, resulting in injuries to Donna Ormerod.

She was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to complete 20 days rehabilitation activity requirement.

She was ordered to pay £500 compensation to the victim.

Applications for a destruction order and an order banning Hussain from keeping dogs were adjourned until August 15.

Bilal Saeed, prosecuting, said the attack happened on January 12, 2022, as Mrs Ormerod was walking home from exercising her two small dogs.

The were near the post office in Preston Old Road opposite the Feilden Arms, in Feniscowles.

Hussain was on the pavement trying to gain control of her dog, called Bruno, a very large mastiff.

"It was clear she had no control and the dog eventually broke free and then ran at Mrs Ormerod who was terrified the animal was going to attack her pets. She put herself in front of them.

"Bruno attacked her and grabbed her leg around the knee area knocking her to the floor."

In a statement, Mrs Ormerod said: "It was biting me and I thought it was going to kill me.

"I really thought I was going to die because I could feel how powerful the bites were.

"She (Hussain) just walked away. She didn't speak to me or offer any help. A man called Mark came to help me."

In a second statement Mrs Ormerod said after initial treatment the wound became infected and she was visiting hospital every other day to have the wound dressed.

She had skin grafts and over a five month period had to visit the Darwen Treatment Room on 38 occasions.

She said she was now afraid to go out with her dogs.

"On the day of the trial the defendant refused to accept any responsibility and was victim blaming," said Mr Saeed.

Celine Kart, mitigating, said her client 'had done all she could in the circumstances to restrain Bruno and she had tried to call him back'.

"The victim's dogs were barking at Bruno," claimed Miss Kart.

"I am not trying to justify his behaviour. The defence case was that the dog broke free momentarily."

Asked if the defendant still wanted the dog back, Miss Kart said he had been raised by the defendant and her children and there had been no previous incidents.

Mr Saeed said the prosecution applied for a destruction order to be made on the dog and also a banning order to be made on the defendant.

When he raised the question of an interim banning order Miss Kart said the defendant had another mastiff at home which there had been no problems with.