As part of the Love Lancashire series of features, Melanie Disley shines a spotlight on a business which has gone from an initial idea to a success story in less than two years.

A BUSINESS, which started during the pandemic, is helping its clients feel like billionaires.

Razina Khan launched MyBillionHair at Freckleton Business Centre in Blackburn in November 2021.

Initially, the idea was to launch a hair thickening shampoo business, but Razina spotted a gap in the market that no-one locally was offering the treatment PRP – Platelet-Rich Plasma.

Razina said: “I knew of people suffering from hair loss and how it would affect their self-esteem and confidence, treatment options are either the FDA-approved Minoxidil or Finasteride, both have unpleasant side effects.

“An alternative would usually be a hair transplant.

“Through research I found that people wanted to keep it natural; with PRP we can keep it 100 per cent natural without unwanted side effects.

“People would go out of town to get PRP done. Prior to that, I wasn’t really aware of how much of an issue it can be for people with self-esteem and confidence. They were travelling quite far and I thought, ‘hold on a minute, there is nothing like this in Blackburn’. I’ve got the credentials to be able to do this and take it further with my brand. Then I saw the results of the PRP.”

With a degree in biomedical science, Razina embarked on extensive research.

PRP started out in the 1970s, as a treatment to help athletes recover more quickly after an injury.

When it comes to hair loss, PRP therapy is a non-surgical, natural treatment for both men and women who are suffering from thinning hair.

Once blood has been centrifuged and activated, you see the ‘liquid gold plasma’ bursting with growth factors.

They stimulate stem cells and increase the number of reparative cells the body produces, in the epidermis.

This results in the expansion of the follicle, with the ultimate goal of prolonging the growing phase of the hair cycle producing the desired outcome of thicker and fuller hair.

Clients will have one session a month for four months then top-up sessions usually 12 to 18 months later, at a cost of £300 each. She says PRP will not work for people with advanced stages of hair loss and baldness and always does a full assessment before taking on a client, plus following up with advice for maintenance at home.

Lancashire Telegraph:

She said: “I treat my clients like my own. I don’t treat it like a job, this is my baby, and my clients are my everything.

“I’m fully invested in that client until they get the results they want. We’re a results-based business, the results speak for themself.”

Other advice Razina gives people is to use a silk pillowcase and a microfibre towel because cotton traps hair, and she is planning to launch a range of MyBillionHair branded products. Just one month after starting, Razina was experiencing high demand and outgrew her space, moving to a bigger room.

The business centre offers a private setting for people to have treatments, often important to those suffering from low self-esteem and confidence who may not want others to know. Razina said: “A lot of people love the fact that it’s so private. They feel comfortable, it’s one-to-one, it’s just myself and them.” Razina also offers vitamins such as Biotin, B12 and Vitamin C, to name a few. These can be administered via intramuscular injection or intravenously (IV drips) ranging in price from £160 to £600.

This can aid with hair loss but also general well-being, energy boosting and hydration. It is a popular treatment among professional footballers, gym fanatics and athletes, who want the vitamin drips within the comfort of their own home. IV drips are administered directly into the bloodstream and are scientifically proven to have a higher absorption rate than the oral route.

People often want to see results overnight, and this can help, whereas the results from PRP can take up to six months, but most clients start to notice new hair growth after just two sessions.

All the products are prescription only and medically approved. On average, Razina sees about 15 to 20 clients per week and says business is booming. She said: “The business grew very quickly.”

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Razina is also an aesthetic practitioner carrying out treatments including profhilo, lip fillers, Botox and fat dissolving at Beauty Touch Blackburn.

“I do try and balance everything out, I have a family and a five-year-old child. Without the support of my family, including my mother Abida, I’d not be the businesswoman I am today.

“You’ve got to be able to have that work-life balance. When it’s half term, I’ll give myself a few days off but, when I’m working, I’m working back-to-back.”

Now she has her sights on expanding her business internationally, to countries such as Canada, USA and Dubai, and wants to take on more staff and move to a bigger location.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Razina said: “It’s getting busier and busier, which is great. I never thought I would be where I am.

“We’re already providing aftercare packages for clients who have returned from having a hair transplant from overseas to further enhance their results.

“But, because of the way it’s going, I want to do more and more.

“People can’t thank me enough, because they’ve got their confidence back.”

For more information, visit or @mybillionhair on Instagram.