A Lancashire park has been revealed as one of the worst parks in the UK for those with hay fever.

Cuerden Park near Leyland has some of the highest pollen counts in the country, according to new research.

With the upcoming heatwave, a ‘pollen bomb’ is set to make an appearance with the increase in warmer temperatures, and Brits who suffer from hay fever may want to take extra precautions for heightened allergic reactions.

The research, conducted by home health testing experts YorkTest, looked into the pollen levels of the 100 largest parks across England, Scotland and Wales.

YorkTest looked at tree pollen count data over four days to establish where is most likely to cause hay fever symptoms - and where may be best for people to enjoy the outdoors with less risk of watery eyes.

And Cuerden Park came ninth for having one of the highest pollen counts of the locations analysed, and is expected to have one of the highest tree pollen counts nationally.

For Brits close by or planning to visit, this could prove problematic when looking to enjoy a walk or a picnic on those hot summer days.

The top 10 worst parks for hay fever sufferers are:

  • Seven Sisters Country Park; East Essex
  • Hatfield Forest; Essex
  • Naworth Park; Cumbria
  • Mount Edgecumbe Country Park; Cornwall
  • Bushy Park; Greater London
  • Hampton Court Park; Greater London
  • Ashton Park; Somerset
  • Kinmel Park; Wales
  • Cuerden Valley Park; Lancashire
  • Greystoke Park; Cumbria

Kerri Ferriaioli, nutritionist at YorkTest said: “For those with allergies, hay fever can be a stressful experience - wondering when your symptoms will be triggered, and if your antihistamines or natural remedies will help.

“Our research highlights where people might want to take extra precautions when visiting certain parks and prepare by taking the right medication that suits them.

“For those looking for herbal remedies to alleviate hay fever symptoms, this can include taking more frequent showers and regularly changing your clothes.

“Consuming natural anti-histamine foods such as strawberries, broccoli and kiwi may also help to lessen the severity of your symptoms.” 

Readers can see the full research, including the 20 parks with the highest pollen levels, here: https://www.yorktest.com/blog/public-parks-to-avoid-with-hayfever/