A woman researching gender in technology has called for more diversity in STEM at a Pride event.

Alice Ashcroft, 26, is a dedicated researcher promoting gender diversity in technology and used Lancaster Pride to stimulate conversation on the topic.

Pride, a protest demanding equal rights and celebrating diversity, took centre stage over the weekend at Lancaster Pride, empowering the LGBTQ+ community and shedding light on the importance of inclusivity.

As an advocate for gender diversity in technology, Alice recognises the significant challenges faced by underrepresented individuals within the field with several trans individuals experiencing attacks and discrimination.

Alice said: "I had the absolute privilege of partaking in the joy and unity of Lancaster Pride. This year, the spotlight on trans rights as human rights was truly inspiring and essential.

"Witnessing gender diversity being made a significant part of the conversation has invigorated my commitment to my research and advocacy work."

While Pride events serve as an annual celebration, Alice firmly believes that the conversations initiated at Lancaster Pride must extend beyond the event itself.

Sharing her inspiring experiences and advocating for ongoing conversations beyond the event, Alice said: “Gender diversity and inclusivity should remain at the forefront throughout the year, with ongoing efforts to challenge biases, dismantle barriers, and promote equality in all sectors, with my research focusing on technology.”

Alice's dedication to her research on gender diversity in technology has been fuelled by the overwhelming support and unity witnessed at Lancaster Pride and she is passionate about using tech to create positive social change and hopes to inspire young girls and women to do the same.

In April, Alice established the Women In Lancaster Digital (WILD) network for those in digital and tech roles where women can collaborate, build a community and get information, through training sessions, workshops and talks.

For more information about Alice Ashcroft's research and to join the ongoing conversation surrounding gender diversity in technology, visit here.