THERE is hardly any mention in the media about how this government has brought in powers that are almost identical to those in Belarus and Russia.

The police are now being given the powers to declare any protest illegal. We saw an example of this when some people wanting to cheer the new King were arrested because the police thought they might be anti-royalist.

I appreciate that the naive climate cult people who stick themselves to roads should be arrested and dealt with. But there were already plenty of laws and powers to enable the police to deal with such people.

It did not justify the new laws removing all our democratic rights to voice our views.

And to make matters worse the government used what is called a statutory instrument to overturn any concerns by the House of Lords.

And even worse, Labour did not try to stop this new constitutional threat of a statutory instrument.

So in future any government minister, of whatever political complexion, can simply ignore Parliament.

Dave Siddall