A Blackburn tech company working to address the digital divide is running free coding and computing clubs for children throughout the summer holidays.

Jam Coding has been providing training sessions since 2014, and is working with local councils across Lancashire to run free coding and computing clubs for pupil-premium supported families and children who receive free school meals.

The clubs, which have been running in the Chorley area are now extending to locations in the Ribble Valley and Burnley throughout the summer holidays.

The aim is to blend digital learning with crafts and team activities for the ultimate day of ‘edutainment’.

Jennifer Talbot, learning and development manager at Jam Coding, said: “Over the course of a week the children will use different software to develop a range of digital skills, from coding, to animation, to design alongside offline activities to blend learning. We even use tech to get children active offline.

“Each activity we have planned covers a key topic, such as nutrition and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

“Our aim is to get young people creative and active, whilst teaching them vital digital skills and encouraging healthy decision-making.

“Judging from previous experience of running the club, we’re confident it’s going to be a huge hit.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Computing for kidsComputing for kids (Image: Jam Coding)

Roger Grogan, who founded Jam Coding added: “There are plenty of clubs that focus on sports and arts but very few, if any, that explore digital subjects.

“Our clubs combine all three for a healthy balance between online and offline activities, and to ensure there is something for everyone.

“It’s a great way to encourage young people to socialise, especially those who prefer to stay indoors and play video games. At our holiday clubs, we turn that gaming into a fun learning experience.”

Participating children also receive a free meal each day, which Jam Coding hopes will play a small part in tackling holiday hunger amid the cost of the living crisis.

One council that has worked with Jam Coding to deliver a number of clubs, is Chorley. Ryan Powell the co-ordinator for the area said: “Jam Coding offer something different to the other clubs that we can offer young people in the area.

“The way technology is used to get kids active and teach them about healthy lifestyles helps us to deliver our own objectives whilst reaching young people who may otherwise not engage with the program”.

To find out more or book a place please visit the Jam Coding website.