To all those complaining about the increases in mortgage rates and rents, if these go up then you have to cut back on non-essential items.

The latest iPhone or similar costing £1,000 or more is not an essential, one costing a lot less the £200 will do everything it will do.

Netflix or other streaming services are not essentials, neither is Sky Sports or Movies.

The fastest broadband is not essential.

The basic internet is these days an essential, but this costs a lot less than the mega fast internet.

Uber and other cooked food deliveries are not essentials, either walk to the shops or get a basic groceries delivery and then cook your own food, it it cheaper and better for you.

The latest fancy coffees from the coffee shop are not essentials, buy a jar of instant coffee and put the kettle on and make it yourself, this will last all week and this costs less than one of the fancy coffees.

Michael Albin


Having digested the gist of Sir Keir Starmer’s proposed national energy policy, it can only be described as ‘blowing in the wind’.

When instigated, we shall all have to heavily invest in thermal clothing, for when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine we shall be devoid of power.

Labour, in their fanatical impractical quest, at colossal expense, to achieve a carbon net free environment, are taking us not into the future but back to the miserable ice-age.

Peter Rickaby