New footage from a rarely seen angle of the historic Whalley Viaduct has been released.

A local drone pilot from 'The Flying Ibo' shared a new perspective on this piece of architectural history. 

The footage was shared on the @theflyingibo YouTube channel and takes the viewer on a new journey around one of the most iconic structures in the region.

Containing seven million bricks and stretching for more than 600 metres it remains one of the most impressive legacies of Victorian architecture in Lancashire.

It has 49 arches taking the railway line from Whalley to Clitheroe and was built more than 170 years ago.

All pilots and devices from the YouTube channel are licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority.

Orok Brooks took the footage and uploaded it earlier this month.

He said: "I have been flying drones for a year and half and am looking to do more local Lancashire sites.

"In this case the whole process to film and edit just took over a day."

Where else in Lancashire would like to see a bird's eye view of?